7 Secrets of Shiva


Hindus and non-Hindus wanting to delve deeper into Hindu folklore and understand what some customs and teachings have taken roots from, this researched book attempts to interpret seven secrets associated with the celebrated hermit Shiva.

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Devdutt Pattanaik uncovers some reasons why Shiva, the ascetic god, is worshipped. The Purusha-Prakriti concept has been detailed with a rational approach and mundane examples have been cited to explain abstract concepts that circle Shiva. Sitting withdrawn on the top of mount Kailash, Shiva is indifferent to all worldly concerns and yet is blindly followed by millions.

The book discusses some of the various names of the Lord of Kailash, that are used to express different aspects of the eternal ascetic. Why he smears ash on his body and wears a tiger skin? Why he wears a snake on his neck, and carries the crescent on his head? How the god in Shiva is aroused by Sati? The worship of Linga has been explained comprehensively. The book discusses how the recluse God who is innocent to prejudices, embraces mankind and his role as a house holder.

Shiva’s omnipresent and formless help in guiding other towards Moksh, free from all fears and bigotry has been explained in simple but powerful language by the author.


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